Python 3, an Illustrated Tour Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion and wrap up
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:01 Thanks for watching this course on Illustrated Python 3.
0:04 I hope you've come to understand a little bit of the new features in Python 3
0:07 and are looking forward to using them in your work.
0:11 Again, Python 3 has awesome features, asynchronous features,
0:15 the ability to do annotations, keyword only arguments,
0:18 unicode, these are all great features in Python 3
0:22 and you should be using them where you can.
0:25 I'd love your feedback, if you have any questions or concerns,
0:28 again, my twitter handle is @__mharrison__
0:31 thanks for watching and best of luck in your future Python endeavors.