Python 3, an Illustrated Tour Transcripts
Chapter: The standard library
Lecture: Walk-through: Enum

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0:00 We're going to look at the enum test file, open that up,
0:03 we'll see that at the top here we've got a red, green and blue variable defined
0:07 and we've got a function here that's testing that whatever is passed in
0:10 is equal to these variables.
0:12 This is prime candidate to replace with enum.
0:14 Let's look at what it says to do.
0:17 Create an enumeration color that has red, green and blue
0:20 as the different members, use the class style by subclassing enum.
0:23 And in parentheses, normally these are created at the global level.
0:27 Let's import the enum class, that's in the standard library these days.
0:32 I'm going to say from the enum module import capital Enum.
0:39 And then we're going to make a class called color
0:41 and it's going to subclass enum.
0:45 And I'm just going to give it a couple attributes
0:47 red is equal to 1, blue is equal to 2 and green is equal to 3.
0:54 It's all we need to do, very similar to the variables.
0:56 But we're just putting this in the namespace of a class here
0:59 and by subclassing enum we get some of the benefits of using that.
1:02 Let's run this and see how the test work.
1:09 Okay, so it looks like I passed that first part
1:11 and now it's asking me to do some refactoring.
1:14 So let's go down and read the next part.
1:17 Okay, refactor get_rgb to use the color enumeration.
1:21 So right now get_rgb is not using color,
1:24 it's using this integer variables that we've defined a pair.
1:29 So all we need to do is say
1:32 and same thing here and same thing here
1:48 And presumably whoever's calling get_rgb would pass in or whatnot.
1:53 Just run that and make sure that works.
1:56 Okay, we are now good with that part.
1:59 Let's go to the next part, create the numeration pet that has dog, cat and fish
2:03 as the different members, call the enum class to create it.
2:07 So in this case, we're going to call enum rather than subclasses it,
2:11 it looks similar to the name tuple if you're familiar with that.
2:15 So we would say pet is equal to enum.
2:26 It says it has a dog, cat and fish.
2:30 So the first parameter that we give to calling the enum class is
2:35 we give it the name of the class that we're making
2:37 or the name of the enumeration, very similar to name tuple
2:40 and then we're going to say dog, cat and fish like that.
2:46 Let's run this and see if it works.
2:50 Okay, so these are two different ways of declaring an enumeration,
2:54 one is by subclassing enum, the other is by calling it, passing in the name
2:59 and passing in the comma separated list of those values.