Python 3, an Illustrated Tour Transcripts
Chapter: Type Annotations
Lecture: 3rd-party Annotation tools (combined)

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0:00 In this video, we're going to talk about 3rd-party annotation tooling.
0:03 These are tools that are useful when using annotations that Python 3 supports.
0:08 We're going to look at a couple tools here one is MonkeyType,
0:12 this is created by the people at Instagram
0:14 and this is a tool that allows you to run your code
0:17 and as it's running, it will trace it and keep track of the types
0:20 and then it will generate some type information for you.
0:22 Similar project is called PyAnnotate, this is by Dropbox
0:26 and this is very similar, it does basically the same thing.
0:28 Basically the difference between these two is that MonkeyType is focused on Python 3,
0:33 whereas PyAnnotate has Python 2 support
0:36 because Dropbox has a lot of Python 2 code and they want to add types to it.
0:41 There's another tool called PyType, which is very similar to mypy,
0:45 it does type checking and we'll look at that as well.
0:48 We'll also look at mypy a little bit.