Python 3, an Illustrated Tour Transcripts
Chapter: Virtual Environments
Lecture: Walk-through: Virtual Environments and Pip (IDLE)

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0:00 In this video I'm going to show how to run the venv test file
0:04 using idle in case you don't have PyCharm and you want to use another editor,
0:08 this is how you would do it from another editor.
0:11 So the first thing I want to do is I want to activate my environment.
0:16 So I say pipenv shell and that will activate my environment
0:20 now, I want to launch idle here,
0:23 so I'm going to say python -m idlelib.idle.
0:26 If I don't activate my virtual environment first and I launch idle
0:30 I'll get the system idle that might not have pytest installed.
0:35 So I want to make sure that I have pytest installed.
0:43 Okay, at this point, idle has launched.
0:48 Let's open our venv test file, there it is
0:54 and let's just come up here to run and say run module
0:57 and note that over here in the repl, we got some output
1:02 and it says it past one in one second.
1:06 So because we have launched this from a virtual environment
1:09 that has access to pytest, we're able to run this from pytest.
1:13 All we have to say is run module.