Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Appendix: Python language concepts
Lecture: Concept: Variables

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0:02 Variables are the heart of all programming languages.
0:05 And variables in Python are no nonsense.
0:08 Let's look at the top one, I am declaring a name variable
0:11 and assigning it the value of Michael,
0:13 and age variable and assigning it the variable of 42.
0:16 Some languages you have to put type descriptors in the front
0:19 like you might say string name, integer age,
0:22 you might put semicolons at the end, things like that.
0:25 None of that happens in Python, it's about as simple as it possibly can be.
0:28 So we can declare them and assign them to constant values,
0:32 we can increment their value in this case of the birthday
0:35 and we can assign them to complex values like the hobby,
0:39 which is really the list or array of strings, the hobbies that we have.
0:42 So we assign these on creation, and we can even take the return values of functions
0:47 and assign them to these variables, like so.