Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: DataFrame summary

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0:00 In the next chapter, we introduce Panda's and started to talk about the power of
0:05 pandas and how a pandas data frame is similar to an Excel worksheet.
0:10 We talked about the core commands that you need to use to understand your data frame
0:14 specifically looking at the top and bottom rows using head and tail how much info
0:20 you can get about your data frame using the Info Command.
0:23 The shape command is very useful for understanding.
0:26 The number of rows and columns in your data frame described gives you a quick,
0:31 numerical summary of your data frame.
0:33 The other concept we talked about was selecting rows and columns with Lok,
0:37 and I look using low. You can select all of your rose,
0:41 a list of rose or slice of rose.
0:43 You can do a similar thing with the comb by selecting all columns,
0:47 specific columns or a slice of columns.
0:50 And you can use I Lok to specify rows and columns but used numeric values for
0:57 the columns. These concepts are very core to the additional analysis that will be doing