Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Conda review

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0:00 in the next chapter. We talked a little bit about the basic python knowledge you
0:03 need toe understand before completing this course,
0:06 and then we walk through how to get python set up and running on your Windows
0:10 system. The primary focus of this process was installing conduct and using it to set
0:16 up your environments. Keep in mind when you set up your environments to keep your
0:19 base environment clean and create other environments where you do the work.
0:23 Here is some of the kind of commands that we walk through so you can use
0:27 Kanda info to see all your environments.
0:29 When you need to create a new environment,
0:32 use the conduct, create command and specify which version of python to use.
0:37 You can activate Kanda environments with Conda.
0:40 Activate use conduct to install packages for optimal performance.
0:45 If you need to use pip,