Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Excel challenges

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0:00 you finished all the chapters, so let's take a step through each one and pull
0:04 out some of the key concept so we can bring all of it together.
0:07 But before I do that, I definitely want to wish you congratulations for your accomplishment
0:13 in completing this course. I realize it's a takes,
0:16 Ah, lot of effort and dedication if all through on these videos,
0:20 and do these exercises on your own.
0:22 And I hope that you learned a lot through this course,
0:25 and as we wrap this up,
0:26 I'm gonna give you a few final tips so you can apply this in your day
0:30 to day work. We started out the course talking about some of the challenges with
0:35 Excel. One of the biggest challenges is Excel is the only tool that people know
0:40 so frequently. It's the wrong tool for the job.
0:43 Once you start solving a problem with Excel,
0:45 there is no process. Well,
0:47 it's very challenging to understand where you started,
0:50 what data transformation she made and how you got to the final result.
0:54 Along those lines, it's also difficult to find errors and excel.
0:57 There are a lot of subtle ways that Excel can break and be challenging free to
1:01 resolve. And then finally, performance is a big issue with Excel.
1:05 In this day and age, where we have plenty of data sets with millions and
1:09 millions of Rose, Excel just doesn't work with those large data sets.