Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Wrapping up

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0:00 well, he did a lot of work to get here, and the final report was received very well by your commercial leadership.
0:08 Let's walk through what we pulled together. So we have this nice summary by sales rep by channel what their commission would be
0:16 Then we come up with our commission rate, and finally we made some tweaks to the alignment so that the sales reps cover different
0:25 states, and we included the account number and the sales total associated with each of
0:30 these new alignments. And what's really nice about this is now we have documented steps
0:36 for future use. You can always go back to your notebook and see what you did to develop this report. If you need to make changes,
0:43 for instance, we want to change our commission rate because we have a higher budget
0:48 or were bringing in some additional sales people we can modify in one place and rerun all of our analysis. The other thing is,
0:56 this data set was relatively small and easy demands with excel. But if you had tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of transactions,
1:04 this process would run at virtually the same speed as it did with the smaller data
1:09 set. And then we just touched the surface of what you can do with Python Amanda's so we could start to use all this data to do enhance visualization,
1:18 machine learning or much more complex analysis. So I hope you really enjoyed this exercise and are able to apply this to some

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