Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Excel customer invoice files

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0:00 to continue the analysis. I've created a new Jupyter notebook. So the previous to that we walk through the E. D. A. And customer sales alignment.
0:09 Notebooks were still there, but now we're going to use a scenario analysis notebook. So this is a summary of the notebook.
0:17 And to refresh your memory on the data sources, we have the customer rep data,
0:22 which is from of the previous notebook and then the new invoice data file that contains
0:28 transaction level detail. So we want to merge this data together. So now we need to set up our path so we can read in those files
0:35 I'm also going to find a report file where we will save everything. Now I'm going to read in the first file will call this the customers filed,
0:50 and I don't actually need every column, so I'm just gonna list out the ones that I care about. Let's check the file. Let's read in our invoice file.
1:01 It looks like I forgot to copy the file over there, so I'm gonna put the file over there and try it again.
1:08 Now we have her invoice level detail and looking at the file, it looks like everything has come through correctly in that file as well.
1:19 The next thing we may want to do is make sure that the invoice file matches
1:26 what we've looked at before. So the total sales in this invoice level detailed matches
1:31 up to the aggregated customer level of detail that we've looked at in previous exercises.

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