Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Excel invoice files

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0:00 But the next stage of the analysis,
0:01 we want to look in more detail at the individual transaction level so we can see
0:07 what products the companies air purchasing.
0:10 So we're going to use to files.
0:12 The first file is the customer rep data file that we reviewed in the previous videos
0:17 So as a refresher, this includes the company information as well as the sales
0:22 rep, and it's aggregated at the total company.
0:26 And this is the other file.
0:27 This is invoice level data for each customer that shows what they purchased which invoice,
0:34 invoice date and what the total amount.
0:36 Waas. So now we're gonna have to pull this detail together with the customer information
0:42 in the sales rep information to come up with some more scenarios for our commission report