Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Summary results lead to more questions

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0:00 Let's review what the analysis has told us so far. We know they're 50 entries in our data frame, and we can tell that we have three unique channels,
0:08 with retail being the most frequent. Looking at the sales, we have over $126 million in sales. And if we do the simple math are effective.
0:18 Commissions rate would be 1260.79% to get us to $1 million in commissions. And then if we apply that to prior year sales,
0:27 we can see what the distribution looks like. All of this has been done with simple pandas.
0:31 Functionality has given us some really useful insights into our data. And as you present this data,
0:36 what will probably happen is people will say it's a good start,
0:40 but we need more information. Some of the questions might be What's the commission breakdown by sales region? Is it equitable across all regions,
0:48 customers and customer types? Let's take a look now at what we would need to

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