Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Notebook setup for file reading

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0:00 Now we're back in her Jupiter Nopa, and what I've done is actually placed that customer master file in the raw directory.
0:09 And you can see the rest of the directory structure that was created force by Cookie Cutter as well, some examples starting notebooks.
0:16 In this case, I'm not really going to use the data prep notebook, so it's certainly okay to delete it if you don't want it and I'm gonna do
0:23 that, and then I'm going to open up the second one called E T A Which stands for exploratory data analysis.
0:31 You can see that's got some information populated here, and I'm going to update a few things.
0:44 And I always like to put some of this information at the tops that when you come back in the future, you can figure out what was going on.
0:50 It's nice that it populates the pandas and path live for us as well as daytime I'm not going to use Seaborn,
0:56 so I'm gonna believe that I'm also not gonna do visualization so I can believe that it starts up setting up our file directory structures.
1:06 We're gonna modify this a little bit. Now we have our sample input file. I'm setting up my report directory and the report file.
1:18 If I want to use that in the future, we run that. And then we read in our file, and now we can start to do some basic analysis of the file.

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