Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Case study walk through: Sales commissions
Lecture: Environment setup

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0:00 The first step in the process is to get my environment set up.
0:04 Now that amend my work environment,
0:05 I need to use cookie cutter to install the directory structures you can read.
0:11 Download it now. Need to give it a project name.
0:13 I'm gonna call this mission's analysis.
0:16 It's gonna create the directory name for us,
0:18 which is fine. And now,
0:22 if we go into commissions analysis,
0:24 we'll see the directory structure that cookie cutter created for us.
0:29 Now we launch our Jupiter notebook,
0:31 and now we have our notebook structure with the two vials that were creatives as part
0:35 of Cookie cutter as well as the directory structure,
0:38 where we need to store our input files and will eventually store our port files.