Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Data I/O (input and output)
Lecture: Excel fails at reading this large file

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0:00 I want to go through one concrete example that shows where Excel struggles. But pandas really has no problem. And that's in reading large files.
0:09 So here's an example will file. It's a C S V file that is almost 100 megabytes, and I'm gonna try and open it up in Excel.
0:18 And I'm not gonna edit this to speeded up or slowed down. So it tries to open up this file. It's gonna take a little bit of time.
0:25 It's, ah, a little bit over halfway. And then I get the air that the file is not loaded completely. And when we go in and look at the file,
0:34 it does its best. But on Lee has a little over a million rose, so all the data isn't there. Let's see how we would do this with pandas.

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