Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Data I/O (input and output)
Lecture: Reading Excel summary

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0:00 cel files can be very messy, fortunately, and as Redick cell function has a lot of options for reading in these
0:07 files and formatting it appropriately, for instance, you can specify one or more worksheets to read it. You can identify which header road to use.
0:15 You can specify certain columns to include. If you need to parse dates, you can use the par states function.
0:22 You can also force data types to make sure you preserve the data in the original
0:26 format, and then you can create custom converter functions to clean up the data.
0:31 I encourage you to use all the available options to clean and format data when reading
0:36 into your data frame so you can successfully complete your analysis.

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