Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Aggregating, grouping, and merging
Lecture: Concept: Pandas groupby

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0:00 Here's a reference for the group by function.
0:03 This is the invoice level data we reviewed in our example.
0:06 And here's a group by function.
0:08 We want to perform our mathematical operations on the quantity and extended amount columns,
0:15 and then we want a group.
0:17 The data based on the company and the products are resulting table.
0:21 Looks like this. The some and mean of the quantity,
0:24 as well as the some of the extended mount are shown here.
0:27 Here is a list of all the aggregation options that you can use.
0:31 I encourage you to try these out and get familiar with how they work.