Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Aggregating, grouping, and merging
Lecture: Examples of aggregation in excel

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0:00 Let's go through a couple examples and excel of how we would do an aggregation in this case, if we want to calculate the average of the price column,
0:11 we would simply do average of all the values and f if we wanted to do this stair deviation and be a similar process and a little more complicated.
0:22 What if we wanted to understand how many shirts, books, posters and pens were sold? One of the ways we could do that in Excel is to use thesis,
0:32 if function, so we need to figure out the range. This will be the range bacteria is shirt and what value we gonna Some were some
0:44 of the equality, and then we can see that we sold 62 hundreds shirts and drag this down, and we get the total amount of products sold based on each
0:57 of the different products. This is fairly standard excel functionality,

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