Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Aggregating, grouping, and merging
Lecture: Aggregating merging grouping intro

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0:00 in this chapter, we're gonna talk about aggregating grouping emerging data with pandas.
0:05 So what We mean when we say aggregating data,
0:07 here's an example of what you would do in Excel.
0:10 You may not use the term aggregation,
0:12 but what you're doing is getting a summary statistical view of a set of data.
0:17 In this example, we want to see what the average prices of column F or
0:22 the standard deviation of that price.
0:23 And you use the standard Excel formula in this case,
0:26 the average formula on all the values in column F.
0:30 If you'd like to do something similar and pandas,
0:32 you can use the ag function on a column and pass it a list of different
0:37 functions that you want to apply.
0:39 In this case, we compute the same mean and standard deviation on the price call
0:43 This could be very powerful,
0:45 with multiple functions and multiple columns,
0:48 all called it once so you can get a really nice summary of your data using
0:52 pandas Pandas approach encourages you to work on the entire data set using very powerful commands