Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Data wrangling with Pandas
Lecture: Concept: Filtering data

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0:00 When I'm working with Excel, one of the most common things I use is the
0:03 Excel Auto Filter. This is a really useful way to sort and filter your data
0:08 by multiple criteria. Pandas conduce something very similar to this and in many ways more
0:13 powerful using Boolean indexing and the local command.
0:17 So Boolean Index, in this example here shows all of the rows that have the
0:22 company named Viva. And then we could have another Boolean Index that tells us how
0:27 many purchases are greater than 10.
0:30 And then we can combine these two using the local command to select all of the
0:36 rows and all the columns where it is company Viva!
0:40 And they purchased at least 10 items.