Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Data wrangling with Pandas
Lecture: Pandas data types

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0:00 it's really important to understand pandas data types when wrangling Data Excel doesn't manage data types
0:05 in quite the same way. In this example,
0:07 I'm showing how you can use self formatting to change the way a date column is
0:12 display in pandas. The DFM Folk Command will show you the different data types that
0:18 are assigned to each column, and for the most part,
0:21 when you read in, data handles will determine the correct data type.
0:24 But sometimes you will have to convert to a specific data type,
0:28 and we will talk about that in future chapters.
0:30 For now, here's a summary of some of the key data types that will be
0:33 working with and when you want to use them.
0:35 The object data type is mostly used for working with text.
0:39 The date time is used for working with the date or time or a combination of
0:43 both. And if you want to numeric operations,
0:46 the data type needs to be an end or a float.
0:49 There are also some more advanced options.
0:51 Such a category Boolean and string data types,