Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Intro to Pandas
Lecture: Advanced autocomplete and help

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0:00 I want to go through a couple of the help options. So the first one is there is a help menu item,
0:06 and I think the user interface tour is actually really useful. So you click on that and you can use arrow keys and it goes through and
0:16 highlights all the different sections and what they do and give you some nice tips.
0:22 So I would recommend that you check that out because I certainly haven't gone through everything
0:26 The other thing I want to talk about are the different help options so that you know what functions or methods are available to you.
0:36 So one of them, if you type DF in type period and then tab, it's going to give you a list and auto complete all the options that are available
0:44 to you, and if you start to type part of it, then it will complete that for you. So that's pretty helpful. The other one is,
0:53 if you put a question mark here, it's actually going to pop up. Ah, lot of detail. It's actually the doc strings and tells you how to
1:03 use the data frame, what the different options are, so that is really helpful and it's actually similar going back to the help.
1:13 You'll see that there is an option for the pandas reference, and that takes you to the pandas. Documentation. So this is something.
1:20 Obviously I'd recommend that you take a look at once. You are done with this course and want to understand a little bit more about how to
1:27 use pandas. The other help option I want to talk about is if you forget how to call function. So let's say we were trying to read Excel,
1:36 and we forgot what what parameters are. If I press shift + tab, it gives me the signature.
1:44 If I press shift + tab twice I get more of the details enough, do it three times. It gives me the full details of all of the options
1:55 that you can pass to a function. So this is really, really helpful for you as you're starting to learn how to
2:02 use pandas and understand how the different functions work,
2:06 so I encourage you to play around those help options and incorporate those in your day today work with pandas and Jupiter Notebooks.

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