Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Intro to Pandas
Lecture: Understanding initial data introduction

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0:00 before we read an Excel file into pandas. I want to walk through the file will be using and talk a little bit
0:07 about how you would review this file if it was the first time you were looking at it in this simple file,
0:13 you can see it. There's only one tab you can count, how many columns you have, and then, if you want to see how many rows,
0:21 so it gives you a basic idea of the data. But most Excel users just kind of look at the file.
0:28 Don't look at the data in a whole lot of detail, will start to do the
0:33 analysis right away and this contrast with the way you would do things in Panda's,
0:38 where you would use some commands to understand the data in a little bit more detail before you start to do analysis.

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