Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Intro to Pandas
Lecture: Pandas DataFrame vs Excel worksheets

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0:00 understanding the pandas data frame is core to working with pandas,
0:04 and we'll compare to an Excel sheet just to give you a mental model for how
0:07 to work with the data. Here's an example of a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet,
0:12 and once we read it in two pandas,
0:14 this is the representation we get for the data frame.
0:17 It looks very similar to the spreadsheet,
0:19 but there are some unique differences.
0:21 The first thing you'll notice that is that column names and excel don't always mean that
0:26 much. Frequently you'll access a column using the letters at the top,
0:30 whereas when you read the column into pandas,
0:33 the column name is gonna be very important.
0:36 The other thing is Pandas has an index in this case 0 through 999 that
0:42 is somewhat similar to the road numbers in an Excel spreadsheet or the index in a
0:49 sequel database. If you're familiar with that,
0:51 we'll talk quite a bit about indexes and columns.
0:55 The other concept is if you have a column of data or a row of data
1:01 that's called a panda series, so that can be somewhat similar to if you select column "A" or Row "4" in this spreadsheet.