Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Where does excel fit in?

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0:00 We talked a lot about how we're going to use Python to replace a lot of
0:03 processes we use Excel for. But I want to acknowledge the Excel is going away
0:06 We are still going to use it as an input file.
0:09 It's also useful for an output.
0:11 summary as we're trying to understand the data and build out our analysis.
0:15 And then finally, When we are preparing and presenting Data Excel is ah is a very useful
0:21 tool for that. One thing that Excel really does well is ad hoc analysis and
0:25 financial reporting and a common tool used across the organization.
0:30 So my advice to you is to learn where Python makes sense.
0:34 But don't try and replace everything that excelled us today.
0:37 That's just not a realistic goal.