Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Data compatible with Pandas

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0:00 since we'll be working with Excel files quite a bit. Let's talk a little bit about structuring data because Excel can do so much there.
0:08 Certain types of data that is really easy to read in to Python and other types Not so much. So the first one is sometimes called wide form data,
0:17 so you can see this example of where we have sales data for each month of the year and grand total. That's easier read into pandas,
0:25 tidy or narrow data is the preferred format for reading in data, and this is transaction level data is probably really good example of tidy data,
0:34 the type of data that isn't really good for reading and a pandas unstructured data.
0:38 So if you have an Excel file that looks like this where you have just a bunch of data all over the place,
0:44 that's probably not going to be a good candidate for you to read into pandas.

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