Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Launching Jupyter notebooks

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0:00 Now that we have our directory structure set up, let's launch the Jupyter notebook. I prefer to do this from the command line so
0:07 you can see if anything breaks in the process. Now, by default, the Jupyter notebook is gonna open a browser.
0:14 But sometimes that doesn't work. And I just want to walk through what you do there. If your browser fails a lot, so you'll need to copy this URL.
0:22 Certainly not a requirement. Like I said, most of time, the browser opens correctly, but if you need to, I want to show you this.
0:30 And when she pasted in there, you have the Jupyter notebooks and I want to show you an example.
0:36 Remember with Cookie cutter how we created information about the CFO report while it populated that
0:42 in the notebook for us. So this will help you keep yourself organized and understand a
0:47 little bit of the history. And as you get more and more experience,
0:51 you can develop your own process that is repeatable for each of the types of analysis that you do on your own.

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