Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Create a project with cookiecutter

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0:00 Let's go through a quick example of how to install and use cookie cutter.
0:04 We've launched our terminal environment and we're in the base Conda environment.
0:08 Now activate the work environment, and now we need to install cookie cutter.
0:17 Once the insulation is done, you have a cookie cutter command that is available to you now and only need to pass to it is the url for the github
0:27 repository that has the cookie cutter template. Once it downloads the templates gonna ask you for a project name and it's going to
0:37 take this project name and converted into a simple directory name. You can accept the default. And then I encourage you to put in description here
0:45 to help you organize your projects. So we're going to call this CFO, and once you're done, you can go that CFO report directory and you can see
0:56 that we have to sample notebooks as well as the data and reports directory structure that

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