Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Auto launch Conda env with Windows terminal

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0:00 If you choose to use Windows Terminal,
0:01 here's a quick example of how you can configure it.
0:04 to launch Conda. Once you launch the terminal,
0:06 there's an option to update the Json settings File that control the various terminal environments.
0:12 Here's an example of the Conda environment that I have set up.
0:16 If you choose to use this,
0:17 you'll need to modify to include a unique guid.
0:21 You'll also need to update the path so that the correct Conda environment starts once you
0:27 launch the terminal. And it's also a nice setting to configure a starting directory so
0:32 that once you launch the terminal,
0:34 you're in the right place in the file system so you can begin working.