Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Recommended file structure

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0:00 I would like to walk through the file structure I'll use in this course and also think it's a good basis for your own projects.
0:06 I store all the files underneath the window directory and within that window directory have subdirectories
0:12 for each individual project. One of the important things is that I only store the Python notebook files in one directory.
0:19 I don't put any of the Excel or see SV files in that directory, The Excel and See SV files go into a subdirectory called Raw and put the original
0:27 files there and make sure I never modify them. If I do need to modify them, I do it programmatically and copy them into the process directory.
0:36 Once I'm done with all my work I stored in the Reports Directory. If this seems like it's a little complicated to create maintained for every project,
0:43 the good news is you can use the cookie cutter project, and I've provided a template that will create this directory structure for you.

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