Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Code data concepts
Lecture: Getting organized

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0:00 in this chapter will talk about how to organize your files and directory structures so that
0:04 you can work most effectively with data in your Jupyter notebooks.
0:08 If you've worked with Excel for any period of time,
0:11 you probably see a situation like this where you have a bunch of files in a
0:14 directory. It's very hard to tell which one is the most recent file or what
0:18 you had to do to actually develop those files.
0:21 When working with Jupyter notebooks, you can,
0:23 unfortunately have a similar situation. We have a bunch of untitled notebooks in a directory
0:27 which is very difficult to work with.
0:29 I really believe that having good organizational set up before you get started is critical for
0:34 building a manageable process. If you like cooking shows like I do,
0:38 there's a concept called "Mise en place",
0:40 which essentially means that you need to get organized before you get started working,
0:44 you need to have a consistent file structure and naming convention that you use on every