Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and installations
Lecture: Installing miniconda

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0:00 Once you've downloaded the package, start the installation process.
0:03 For the most part, you're gonna follow the defaults.
0:05 There are a couple that I want to walk through in a little more detail.
0:08 The first one is just installed this for yourself.
0:11 You don't need to install this for all users.
0:13 Use the default location and then these advanced options air a place where sometimes people can
0:17 get tripped up. Leave it as it defaults here.
0:20 You don't need to add Mini Conda to your path.
0:21 and make sure you have registered Mini Conda
0:25 as your default Python 3.7 environment. Installation process is going to be pretty quick when we're finished
0:31 there is no need to launch these other options.
0:35 So just go ahead and click finish. We are done.