Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and installations
Lecture: Working on Windows

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0:00 for this course, I will show all examples in the Windows operating system. All the examples will work find on Linux or Mac,
0:07 but I am assuming that many of the people in this course are in positions where they use windows as your day to day computer.
0:13 When it comes to installing and running Python, I prefer to use Mini Conda to install your environments and library it needs.
0:20 I also encourage you to use Conda to make working environments and install packages.
0:26 One of the reasons I recommend using the Anaconda is this more lightweight than the fully anaconda distribution, so you can install what you need.
0:32 In addition, Conda makes it much easier to install many of the scientific stack libraries like pandas, Sci-py and Numpy.
0:39 There's also performance gain because these libraries are installed with MKL optimization,
0:44 which will ensure Python and the underlying libraries run as fast as possible on your system

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