Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and installations
Lecture: Python concepts you'll need

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0:00 Now that you know a little bit about this course,
0:02 I'm sure you're excited to get started before we go into some actual coding.
0:05 I would like to go through a little bit more detail about the concepts you'll need
0:08 to understand before we continue. If you do not understand any python,
0:13 I recommend you check out "Python, Jump Start by Building 10 Applications" or "Python for the
0:18 Absolute Beginner", choose the one that best suits you will help you get you up
0:22 to speed on Python quickly. Since this course is not cover basic python syntax
0:26 or usage, I want to go through a couple of the key concepts you
0:29 need to understand by presenting some example simple code snippets.
0:34 In this course, you will be installing python libraries with pip or Conda. You will be
0:39 importing python modules. You need to understand dictionaries and lists and assigning values to variables
0:44 Creating and calling functions as well as working with F strings and pathlib with the
0:51 code we will be using python 3.8 and do the actual coding in Jupiter notebooks.