Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Course topics

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0:00 So what will we cover in this course?
0:02 We'll talk about how to get set up on your computer.
0:06 We'll talk about the basic python concepts that you need to know before getting started.
0:11 We will focus on developing on Windows environment,
0:14 and mostly ideas will also apply to multiple operating systems as well.
0:19 One of the things will talk about how to organize your environment so you don't have
0:22 a mess on your hands. We'll be using Jupyter during this course.
0:27 We'll talk about tidy data and the best practices for storing data,
0:31 Pandas will be the core library we discuss.
0:34 We'll talk about reading in Excel files.
0:37 What is a data frame? Viewing and adding rows and columns will talk about basic
0:43 data activities like filtering, cleaning,
0:46 grouping, emerging multiple files together.
0:50 We'll talk about different file formats and how to work with him,
0:53 and then finally will close this out with a case study that will bring all of