Move from Excel to Python with Pandas Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why Python?

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0:00 Python has been around since the late 19 nineties but has exploded in popularity recently
0:04 This chart, from a Stack Overflow survey shows the surge in pythons popularity over the
0:10 past five years. Popularity in and of itself is not a reason to use the
0:14 language, however, popularity means there's a large pool of users documentation libraries to solve
0:19 various tests. Part of the reason for pythons popularity is that it is easy to
0:24 learn. Python has many language characteristics to make it easy for brand new programmers or
0:29 new to python programmers to get up to speed and productive in a reasonable amount of
0:33 time, one of the areas where Python has improved in the past few years.
0:37 Is installing it on windows, Python,
0:40 has always worked on Linux and Mac and could work on Windows but sometimes challenging to
0:44 get working. However, in recent years,
0:48 even Microsoft has taken a supportive stance on getting python installed.
0:51 In fact, they have official documentation,
0:54 describes how to use python for development windows.
0:57 Finally, Python has always been considered a good glue language for automating tasks.
1:02 Within the past five years, the python ecosystem has grown to include libraries such as
1:06 pandas, which are excellent for many of the tasks Excel struggles with the pandas Library
1:12 constrain line many of the data wrangling and analysis task that excel is not suited for.
1:16 In addition, pandas and other libraries like NumPy and Sci-kit-Learn our industrial
1:21 strength data science tools that can grow with you as you progress your skills.