MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Lightning review

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0:01 Before we put the wraps on this course
0:04 let's do a quick lightning review of each chapter that we've covered.
0:06 We're certainly not going to cover everything that we covered in the chapter,
0:09 this is just a really quick review, but maybe the main takeaway from each chapter.
0:13 So we began the course by talking about what is NoSql,
0:17 and I think there's a little bit of a misunderstanding
0:20 or maybe multiple definitions of what NoSql means
0:23 sometimes people say it's not only sql,
0:26 sometimes you people say it means that there's no sql, the language involved in this.
0:31 Well what we saw is looking at the history back in 2009,
0:34 this concept of NoSql came about by a meeting of people
0:39 working on horizontal scales type of databases,
0:42 like what trade-offs do they make against relational databases,
0:45 so that they are more easily horizontally scalable,
0:48 and basically cluster friendly databases.
0:50 That world it's not whether or not there's no sequel
0:53 or there is sequel in the language, it's really about the style of databases
0:57 and the trade-offs around how they work with that data.