MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: Deploying MongoDB in production (and playing it safe)
Lecture: Concept: Adding encrypted communication for MongoDB

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0:01 Let's review how we added encryption. Somehow we got a hold of an ssl certificate and a private key
0:07 so the way we did this is we just went into the location where we typically store those analytics
0:14 and we ran open ssl to generate a self signed certificate, the only change that I made here from the recommendation from MongoDB
0:21 is I added, I made it a ten year certificate, because look as long as it's not trusted let's not trust it for a long time.
0:27 Anyway, we did that and then we combined the private key and the certificate into this pem file, which we point MongoDB at
0:34 we restarted, I first paused on the left, go to the right, we added this ssl section, we added the mode to require ssl
0:40 and here's the file to do that, and then we were able to connect to MongoDB but only if we say --allow invalid certificates and --ssl,
0:50 all of this is documented in that url below manual, tutorial, configure -ssl, so you can check that out and like I said,
0:57 copy the details from there, not by typing them in from watching me do it. Alright, so a really nice step and important step to enabling ssl
1:05 and secure communication on our MongoDB server.

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