MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: Modeling and document design
Lecture: More document patterns

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0:01 Let's close out this chapter with a few more sources
0:03 you can get some patterns here;
0:05 so recently I had Rick Copeland who is in the MongoDB masters program
0:10 along with myself, and I had him on the podcast on episode 109
0:14 to talk about applied MongoDB design patterns.
0:18 So this concept of embedding and modeling
0:20 and data duplication and all these things,
0:23 certainly we talked about on the podcast, and he talks about in his book,
0:25 but he has a lot of really interesting use cases
0:28 and actually some performance trade-offs,
0:31 using some of the atomic update operators, one versus the other or not at all,
0:37 just to see how that might work out.
0:40 So he's got a bunch of use cases and you might flip through his book
0:43 once you really get into things and say does one of the patterns he talks about
0:47 really closely match what I'm doing— you might get a huge jumpstart
0:50 on modeling your data with actual performance numbers behind it.
0:54 So check out the podcast, it's free
0:56 and check out his book if you find it to be helpful.
0:59 And final thought on modeling with these document databases is
1:02 there is no perfect answer, it's always this tension of
1:06 I could model it this way and this part of my app gets better,
1:09 I could model it another way, and that part is not quite as good,
1:12 but another part becomes more flexible or becomes better,
1:14 so it's really about balancing the trade-offs, not right versus wrong.