MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setting up your computer to follow along
Lecture: Concept: Setting up MongoDB on Linux

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0:01 Let's quickly review how we installed MongoDB on Linux. So the easiest way to do this is just go
0:08 go to the download button and pick in the little drop down your distribution and that way you can copy along. Here's what we copied and ran,
0:17 so we visited the Ubuntu setup page at that's what I just described, and then we ran add key so they said look we're going to trust
0:26 this particular source that we're about to give you, and then we said I'd like to go to the repo at
0:33 and set up this, basically pointed at this package store here. And then, we're going to update, don't forget this step,
0:43 make sure you update your local listing by pulling from all of the sources, and then we're going to apt install mongodb-org,
0:50 and that will take all of the tooling and servers and client stuff; if you only want one of them, just the sharding server
0:56 or just the server component, you can absolutely just install that piece, we saw like listed on that first page I described
1:05 that there's actually this mongodb-org, it's kind of a meta package of four other smaller packages.
1:11 And then at the start we just say service mongod start, if you want to change a configuration it's at etc/mongod.conf.
1:20 Change that, just restart the service and it should pick up the changes right away.

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