MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: What is NoSQL?
Lecture: Who uses MongoDB

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0:01 Now let's look a little bit at who is using MongoDB and how.
0:04 On one hand, it's not that important that it's a popularity contest—
0:07 does it solve your problem, good, use it.
0:09 On the other, MongoDB is different, right,
0:12 it's not a relational database that people have been using for thirty years
0:15 and we call that axiom conversation, I had at the beginning,
0:18 if you are the one adopting MongoDB you have to take this idea
0:21 and present it to the people that run the business,
0:24 to your managers, to the tech team and say
0:27 hey this is a safe thing for us to do, this is a good thing for us to do.
0:30 And so, by looking at the other users of MongoDB,
0:34 how they're using it and how much data and traffic they are passing through it
0:37 can give you some really good support
0:41 like hey look it's working well for these companies,
0:43 and they're way more risk adverse than we are,
0:45 so if they can use it, we can totally use it.
0:47 So, with that in mind, let's go look at who uses MongoDB,
0:51 so they have a whole page who uses MongoDB right here,
0:54 we can flip through and there's a few major ones;
0:56 so we've got MetLife, they're doing some pretty interesting things
1:00 obviously they are a large insurance company
1:02 they have a single view of a hundred million customers
1:05 across 70 systems and they built this whole thing up on Mongo
1:07 and it's 90 days, that's pretty cool.
1:10 Expedia uses it for millions of customers
1:13 while they're looking for travel, that's great.
1:15 Now let's look at some more, you can see the scrollbar, this is actually huge,
1:19 so let's scroll down to find some interesting ones.
1:22 So let's say Royal Bank of Scotland,
1:24 this supports the bank's enterprise data services
1:26 underpinning several core trading systems,
1:29 okay that's intense, right, like if you're debating
1:32 whether or not this can do like you know
1:34 some probably not super intense
1:36 for the majority of the students part of your app,
1:38 if Royal Bank of Scotland is going to make this part of their core trading systems
1:42 that's really putting a lot of faith in it.
1:46 Biotech, they use this to accelerate their drug testing,
1:50 Facebook, they have a whole bunch of interesting things
1:52 that they're doing with Mongo, they ran like a backend as a service of Mongo
1:57 when they acquired Parse, but they're not doing platform stuff like they used to.
2:00 Now let's flip around, let's have a look at say ebay
2:03 they're doing delivering all their media metadata with five nines for liability;
2:07 Barclays, a big bank, so they've replaced
2:10 a whole bunch of relational systems there,
2:13 let's keep going, come down here to our friends in Germany,
2:15 they built a pretty amazing internet of things platform on top of MongoDB,
2:20 come down look the New York Times,
2:23 they basically did all their social sharing activity on top of MongoDB,
2:27 Business Insider, you probably run across Business Insider the website,
2:31 so they've been around since 2009,
2:34 they launched in New York city, and their whole site
2:37 runs on MongoDB, which is pretty awesome.
2:39 Speaking of business, let's look at Forbes,
2:43 they rebuilt their whole cms on top of MongoDb,
2:45 resulting in a jump of 5 to 15 percent in mobile traffic overnight, that's really cool.
2:50 So Carfax, they sell cars online and in person
2:54 so a ton of traffic happening there, that's really cool.
2:57 Cern, I love Cern, these guys at the Large Hadron Colider
3:02 they're using MongoDB to manage the data
3:06 while they're searching for the Higgs Boson
3:10 which I think this probably needs updating
3:12 because as they now have found the Higgs Boson
3:14 and won the Nobel Prize as a part of that.
3:16 Another interesting a long time user of MongoDB is Foursquare;
3:21 so Foursquare is as far as I know more or less entirely powered by MongoDB
3:26 and here you can say it powers the processing storage of all check ins
3:30 with hundreds of thousands of IOPS on MongoDB,
3:34 that's hundreds of thousands of operations, input/ output operations
3:37 per second on MongoDB, which is really, really cool.
3:40 Let's look at Sailthru, so Sailthru is like marketing email campaign company
3:46 and they store 40 terabytes of data in MongoDB across a 120 nodes
3:53 so remember we talked about document databases
3:57 and NoSQL databases in general being good for horizontal scale
4:01 and sharding and partitioning your data;
4:04 120 nodes in your cluster that's pretty intense.
4:07 All right, let's do one more, let's talk about Shutterfly,
4:10 so Shutterfly is like a photo sharing site, pretty cool,
4:15 you can like put your pictures there, sharing with people
4:18 you can get like printed books they were doing that before
4:20 some of the main companies like google were and so on,
4:22 so this is interesting in that they have a bunch of projects,
4:26 on Mongo storing over 20 terabytes of data.
4:29 Square Space, Stripe and on and on it goes, right,
4:33 all of these really cool companies are using MongoDB.
4:37 I guess one more let's look at UnderArmor here.
4:40 So Under Armour is interesting because I haven't seen
4:43 any of the previous examples explicitly calling this out;
4:46 so Under Armor is like an athletic clothing company in the US
4:49 and around the world, and their online shop is powered by MongoDB
4:54 and it does over two billion dollars in sales, so that's pretty awesome.
4:59 All right, so why do we spend all this time talking about who uses MongoDB?
5:02 One, to show you there are a bunch of companies
5:05 being really, really successful with MongoDB
5:07 and that there are different use cases,
5:10 different companies in different areas doing different things,
5:13 we saw like biotech, we saw pharma, here is e-commerce, all sorts of things.
5:18 Oh, EA, I didn't pull up EA but they're using it to power, let's go up here to EA,
5:23 so EA is using this to scale their online games to millions of players;
5:29 so all sorts of really cool and interesting use cases
5:33 that you can use to say hey, we should give this database a try
5:37 because here's a bunch of other people being successful with it.
5:40 This also means that you can rely on Mongo
5:43 because it's taken a serious beating from quite a few different angles
5:47 and use cases, it's not some barely used database
5:50 but it's highly, highly used actually.