MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: What is NoSQL?
Lecture: Origins of NoSQL

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0:01 The first record of what you might consider modern day NoSQL,
0:05 there were some older versions much, much older
0:08 about object databases that don't really carry on through today;
0:12 but what we think of when we talk about NoSQL today
0:15 really started back 2009 in San Francisco.
0:18 So this guy Johan Oskarsson, who at the time was working at
0:23 was getting together like a big data/ scaling databases
0:27 type of meetup in San Francisco, and the idea was
0:31 we're going to talk about open source databases,
0:34 distributed databases, that is databases that are easily horizontally scalable,
0:39 and that might not be traditionally relational.
0:42 This description here on the right actually comes from Wikipedia,
0:46 the name itself, the actual NoSQL, the word,
0:50 I don't believe it's here, but it was in a previous accounting, it's not in Wikipedia,
0:55 which if I could find the reference, I should go back and edit it,
0:59 is there's another guy named Eric Evans
1:02 who was attending this meeting as well
1:05 and Johan said hey what are we going to call this meeting
1:07 like we do have a name for these types of groups,
1:09 this type of thing that we're doing, and let's try to get something short,
1:12 like say a hashtag that we can use on Twitter to talk about it;
1:16 So Eric Evans said how about #NoSQL, right,
1:19 and that is the origin of the modern day term.
1:22 And the idea was, it was meant to describe this group of people
1:26 mostly running web apps with lots of data,
1:29 with high performance implications, or requirements,
1:32 getting together to talk about how can we give up
1:34 some of the features of relational databases to enable other types of things,
1:39 so maybe we'll give up atomicity, the acid properties,
1:43 maybe we'll give up joins, maybe we'll give up transactions, things like that,
1:48 and if we do that, how do we maybe structure our data differently,
1:51 how do we structure our databases differently,
1:54 to be better at basically being cluster friendly.
1:57 Alright, so to me, this is the idea of what a NoSQL database is,
2:02 it's a database that gives up some of the relational
2:05 database features or requirements or properties,
2:08 so that it is more cluster friendly, it is more friendly to scaling
2:13 and sharding and things like that.