MongoDB for Developers with Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: MongoDB is loved

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0:01 Which one happens to be the most popular, the most widely used? Well, you can guess, it's probably MongoDB, given this course, right.
0:08 However, you probably didn't guess how much more popular MongoDB is relative to its other NoSQL friends. So we've got CouchDB, this orange one,
0:20 which is way down there, and sort of not even trending; well, we've got RavenDB which is basically not used,
0:26 Cassandra, which kind of peaked around 2016, is heading down. We got MongoDB just much, much more popular than these,
0:35 if you want to experiment or play around with this data yourself, you can check out the link at the bottom. So MongoDB is really, really popular,
0:42 it's by far the most popular, widely used document database. It's also really loved, so one of my favorite places
0:48 to get insight into to the developer community is Stack Overflow's yearly survey; so on the 2017 yearly survey, you can see
0:57 MongoDB appears very high up the rank for most loved technology, and if you look at the little description at the bottom,
1:04 this represents the number of developers who are currently using the technology and really enjoy working with it.
1:10 So MongoDB is right up there, among all at the top. Now, what about wanted? In fact, MongoDB just dominates the wanted category,
1:18 so this is people who are not currently using MongoDB or currently using whatever technology is listed here, but they wish they were, right.
1:27 So MongoDB is definitely highly, highly desired for the people who are not using it, and very much loved by the people who are.

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