Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Building a Python package

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0:00 Then we turn our CLI application into a proper Python package. Doing this with poetry would require us to run just two commands,
0:10 and we would be done. So just to make it more interesting, I've decided to start from scratch without using poetry.
0:17 So we found a cookie cutter template for a Python package. We generated the scaffolding. We added the code tests and we wrote some documentation.
0:29 The cookie cutter template took care of a lot of things. So actually, a lot of documentation was already written for us.
0:37 And the file required just some cosmetic changes. We also learned the difference between using the requirements file and
0:46 for specifying the dependencies. And then we published our uptimer package to pypi following the instructions from the packaging guide.

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