Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Growing Python projects

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0:00 Once your simple project starts growing,
0:02 you have to think how you are going to structure it.
0:04 When you have only one python file,
0:06 it's rather simple. You put everything into one folder.
0:10 Then at some point you will have to split your functions into separate files.
0:14 And when the number of those files grows up,
0:17 you can put them inside various sub folders.
0:19 For example, you can have tests in the test folder and all the other python
0:24 files inside the folder named in the same way as your project.
0:28 And as your project keeps growing,
0:30 you will start adding sub folders here.
0:33 For example, if you have a few files related to user authentication,
0:37 you can put them inside the auth folder or when you have some static files,
0:41 you can put them inside the static folder.
0:44 Having a good folder structure will make it much easier for new developers toe understand what's
0:49 going on in your project, but it will also help you avoid some python issues like the circular import errors.