Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: pyenv

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0:00 When you install a new operating system,
0:02 it might come with some version of python preinstalled,
0:05 but quite often it's an old version.
0:08 So, no matter if you have an old version of python,
0:11 or if you don't have any version of python installed.
0:14 I suggest that you installed pyenv and use it to manage python versions on your
0:18 computer. If you are on Windows,
0:21 installed python from website to get all the dependencies and then install
0:26 pyenv-win with pyenv you can easily switch what version of python you are
0:31 currently using. You can change python version globally locally,
0:36 so for a specific folder and all the sub folders,
0:39 or even for the current shell session.
0:41 So it gives you a lot of flexibility.
0:44 And if you mess up something,
0:45 you can simply uninstall Pyenv and you will get back to whatever version of python
0:50 you had before. That's because pyenv doesn't touch the system python that comes preinstalled on your operating system, but it installs everything in a seperate location.