Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: VS Code

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0:00 If you're planning to use VSCode to work with Python, the only thing that you really need to setup is to install the Python extension
0:07 You can also install Pylance to get a better suggestions as your type, and you can also add some additional extensions,
0:14 like Django or flask snippets. If you use them indent-rainbow to easily see
0:19 different indentation levels. Python doc string generator to help you quickly, write documentation for your functions and so on.
0:26 Once you have that setup a Linter like flake 8 or pylint configured black as your code formatter and start coding, when you want to run some code,
0:35 the easiest way is to just press this green arrow in the upper right corner. But if you're working with a Web framework and you need to start a server,
0:43 go to the debugging panel and create a launch configuration, then you can start a Debugger.
0:49 Put some break points here and there and poke around your code. And finally, don't forget that we can also test your code to directly from VSCode
0:56 When you select a testing framework like pytest, you will get this nice sidebar for running your tests.

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