Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Deployment
Lecture: Platform as a service

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0:00 If you don't have the skills required to manage your own server,
0:03 or if you simply don't have time to take care of that and you prefer to
0:08 pay a little extra to, have someone else handle this for you.
0:12 You should check out the platform as a service solutions.
0:15 The most popular one is Heroku.
0:18 Heroku will take your code from GitHub or GitLab and deploy it to their
0:22 own servers. If you need the database or a ready server,
0:26 they also got you covered. They will create and manage a database for you,
0:31 and all you need to do is to modify the configuration of your website and point it
0:36 to use that database. They will also make sure that servers are up to date
0:41 and there Configuration is secure,
0:43 but you don't get control over their servers.
0:47 To deploy your application, you need to write a special configuration file that Heroku will
0:51 use, If something goes wrong. It's a bit harder to the budget.
0:56 In the past, there was no way to ssh to the server with your application
0:59 Now there is, but you still don't get as much freedom as owning your
1:05 own virtual private server. Also scaling up your application with Heroku is much easier than with
1:11 the virtual private server, because all you have to do is to increase the number
1:16 of Web servers in the user interface or in the command line tool that they offer.