Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Deployment
Lecture: Virtual private server

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0:00 Using a virtual private server is probably one of the oldest ways of deploying your application
0:06 You rent a server from a company and you use it to serve your website The most popular solutions are digital ocean,
0:14 linode or AWS. If you're using Linux, then basically in the same way as you set up everything on your computer.
0:23 Now you have to set it up on a remote server. Compared with other tools, this one gives you the most control.
0:30 You can really do whatever you want on your server, but it also means that you're the only person responsible for your server.
0:37 You need to make sure that it's secure, so you have to enable firewall. You need to run periodical updates and so on.
0:44 It's perfect if you have experience with setting up Linux servers and if you have time to actually do everything yourself,
0:51 and with that, you can set up a few websites that should be able to handle little to moderate traffic.

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