Modern Python Projects Transcripts
Chapter: Deployment
Lecture: Virtual servers, PaaS, containers

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0:00 Unlike the Python package that you can just put in the Python package index or unlike
0:05 the GUI application that you can just put on some file hosting server.
0:10 If you're building a website, you need to host it somewhere.
0:14 And there are surprisingly many different options that you can choose from.
0:18 Three most popular ones are a virtual private server,platform as a service and the solution
0:24 based on containers. For example,
0:26 kubernetes. There are some main differences between each of those solutions, the level of control
0:32 that you have, how scalable it is.
0:35 For example, spinning up 100 more nodes in kubernetes,
0:39 is just a matter of one configuration.
0:41 Setting in one file, cleaning up another 100 virtual servers by hand is a nightmare,
0:47 and obviously the price. Usually the more you have to do yourself,
0:51 the cheaper it is. This is especially visible with the platform as a service type
0:56 of hosting. They will take care of everything securing your application,
1:00 making sure it's up and running,
1:02 updating packages on the server and so on,
1:05 so it saves you a lot of time,
1:07 but it will cost you some extra money. Lets discuss each solution in more detail.